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Hello! We are anarcho-feminist group from Poland. Our group was founded in 1996. It was started by few girls from east site of Poland, from few small towns, like: Biala Podlaska, Siedlce, Lukow. From the beginning Wiedzma is informal organization, it is the part of our job and war against oppression. We donít have any board or advisors. We are a co-educational group because we think that the liberation of women is the liberation of men as well. We oppose separatism which is the negation of equality while at the same time we respect women feminist culture which we are part of. Wiedzma it is group of friends, at the beginning we have organized because we want to be together and feel good with the other people who think the same. In Poland feminism isnít popular idea, even on punk scene. There are still many stereotypes about man and female rolls. But since few years women and feministic culture and projects becoming more stronger. Our activities include informative street actions, awareness raising meetings whose main aim is to inform about the situation of women and the major problems they are subjected to in Poland. About our activities you can read in section "ACTIVITY". We edit zine, called Wiedzma/Witch. We also create all girls band Ė Fuck Finger, in December 2002 we publish tape "krolowa bandytow" / the queen of bandits/, which is dedicated to Phoolan Devi. Besides that we have small distribution. So, if you are interested our zine or tape of Fuck Finger or if you want just talk with us, write:

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