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About the band

FUCK FINGER has existed since may 1999. Playing music and screaming is the one of our forms of fighting with sexism on the scene which still copies stereotypes ingrained in patriarchal society. The band is one of the projects of Anarcho-Feminist Group WITCH (Wiedzma), a strong mutual bond which we've created in ourselves thanks to organizing in this group has given us energy and courage to enter places which has been till now exclusively hoarded for men, in this case the "scene", and picking up musical instruments, even though a lot of men still claim that girls cannot play music. Our texts are usually intimate, personal descriptions of women's experiences living in patriarchal culture. In our opinion they are more socially-oriented, dealing with deep-rooted traditions which push people into traps and pressurize them into acting in accordance with socially acceptable roles. We recorded 10 songs in may 2002 and we publish it ourselves, so, if you are interested our music, write...
ģebmajster:: Adam W. @ AxZxPx @ 2004 @
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